Network meeting at Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2016


We meet the “Behind the Smart World” participants at this years Stuttgarter Filmwinter where we discussed the ongoing developments of the artworks. In the early evening of Friday Jan 15th 17.-19.00 we had a public presentation at the Kunstbezirk in Stuttgart. The presentation followed a discussion about leaking the data online and seeing what happens rather than protecting it and inviting people of trust to participate in the project. Those who were not present (Joakim, Simon, Matthias) at the meeting were participating through VoIP and for over 3 hours we were presenting each participants progress, discussed aesthetical choices and special equipment needs. There are more photos to come from the Filmwinters photographer and Marcus! Big thanks to Marcus Kohlbach, Lili Weiss, Fabian Kühfuss and the Filmwinter team for making this happen!




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