32C3 workshop


Second day at 32C3 we had the first “Behind the Smart World” workshop. It was very well received and we could interest a diverse crowd of activists, blogger, journalists and the ‘general’ mass of IT people that attend the congress. It has been a while since we had such interesting remarks and feedback and we also got some tips which places we could visit in Hamburg to collect phones and hard drives. Some remarks were that you can trace the users of a computer by looking at the different writing style in documents. One interesting suggestion was the paper “Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy” by Wright, Kleiman, and Sundhar R.S. According to their tests, you just have to zero fill a HDD once to make the data on it non-recoverable. When talking about found footage and flea-market artworks one guy said that with photos and S8mm material the data is not erases as with deleted and recovered data and that it is sold (sometimes by the relatives) with the knowledge (and intention?) that this material is clearly useable and amusable by others. The perception of humans material/digital trash was found interesting and one suggested to offer a hand sorting service of trash so that people get more aware of what they throw away. In general it was a good workshop with critical minds tomorrow we will continue the discussion with a focus on projects and actions that people were doing or plan to do.

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