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Art Meets Radical Openness Research Lab with S()fia Braga

Transmedia artist S()fia Braga takes part in the AMRO Research Lab 2023 organised by the net culture association Within this context, her research explores the intricate control dynamics facilitated by the operational structures of centralised social media platforms, as well as their sociological implications. Specifically, she focuses on topics such as participatory control –exploring the concept of Interveillance,– emerging forms of free labor, and strategies to carefully balance oneself into visibility and deception while traversing the “Dark Forest of the Internet.”

S()fia Braga is a transmedia artist who develops her artistic research on the social impact and subversion of centralised social media platforms, experimenting with new technologies to conceive speculative fabulations that deal with topics such as Interveillance, transhumanism and non-human agency. Her identity constantly changes and goes hand in hand with the narratives she creates: over the last few years she has been an artist, a cyberstalker, a transhumanist entrepreneur, an AI Auteur, a TikToker and has mutated several times into a monstrous creature. In 2022 she won the Bank Austria Studios Award and the Kunstförderpreise der Stadt Linz for the New Media Art category. Her works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival (AT), Xie Zilong Photography Museum (CN), XII Video Vortex Conference (MT), WRO Media Art Biennale (PL), Deutsche Bank (IT), Schlossmuseum Linz (AT), Pinacoteca Albertina di Torino (IT) and more.